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Films, TV programmes, and internet videos are now consumed by viewers in all corners of the earth. With the help of Language Reach you can expand your viewing capability and market reach by making your content available to anyone, in any location.

Here at Language Reach we believe that no project is too little or too large. We transcribe audio into and out of a variety of file formats, in over 150 languages and in a range of local dialects.


Customer service is fundamental to our business operations and is part of our core set of values. Quality is also at the heart of what we do and  is supported by our network of expert transcribers and language experts. We are highly competitive on price and short notice projects are not rare.


We deliver specialised subtitling services to many of the worlds leading businesses and multimedia organisations. Language Reach is recognised for superior service levels, speed, quality and reach - because of the large number of languages we cover when compared to the majority of transcription service providers.



Our subtitling services are provided in over 150 languages and are regularly provided in

    Corporate videos
    Films and animation
    General telecoms and automated services
    Radio commercials


Localisation plays a vital part in our transcription and subtitling serviceability. These components enable us to create the best adaptation of any content that we’re approached with. In order to guarantee a truly localised transcription and therefore an accurately subtitled project, we only use native tongue transcribers. They’ll take into consideration all elements of culture and all context to allow for a truly localised service.


Call us on 020 8677 3775 or email us at for more information. Alternatively, upload your documents via our ‘Online Quote’ button.

You can also download a copy of our company brochure here.

  • “We have worked with the team at language Reach for some time and their quality and customer care levels are amongst the best we have encountered in the industry.”

    ---- BP
  • “Language Reach is our go to agency for translations. We find them very hands on and flexible with the way they offer their services.”

    ---- Haymarket Media Group
  • “Fast, efficient, flexible and thorough!”

    ---- Glaxo Smith Kline
  • “Language Reach have provided us with services which go far beyond the remits of translations. They have helped us enormously with their expertise throughout some of our international campaigns.”

    ---- Ogilvy
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