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Ensuring that your message is translated and received as intended requires more than the changing of words from one language into another. Here at Language Reach we understand the very likelihood of information being processed completely differently in contrasting languages through the translation of words alone. We want to ensure that what you say, is very much understood and recognised in your target language and among your target audience. At Language Reach, we provide specialised localisation services for the adaptation of your translation authentically.


Localisation is a key ingredient in a good translation but is often overlooked. If you want a truly native translation, it’s vital that all elements of language and cultural relevance are taken into consideration. What we don’t want to create are translations that can be misconstrued due to a lack of awareness of culture and perceptions. Here at Language Reach, we stir all types of ingredients into the pot including the use of colour, tone, images and numeric significance.


In specific parts of the world, elements such as colour and numbers carry varying meanings. One region may view a specific number as good luck while that same number may be considered bad luck in another part of the world. For this reason, our experts analyse differing perceptions and apply these differences when localising information.


Another major factor we consider when localising information is the use of colour and its profound meaning in differing regions. If we examine the connotations attached to the colour red for example, it’s clear that it carries a range of connotations, dependent on where it is being used. In India red is symbolic of giving life and purity, however in many Middle Eastern countries, red represents evil and danger. These examples amplify why the localisation of information according to the region it is intended for plays a vital role within the wider remit of what we call translation services, demonstrating the power of cultural perception.


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