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Quality is at the heart of our objectives because we deliver our services and operations with precision in mind. We offer specialised desktop publishing services, which are often needed when a translation alone may not read appropriately in the target language. For example Arabic is written from right to left and formatting a magazine article in terms of image placement changes hugely depending on how the page, page title and text are read.


Desktop publishing works by supporting the production of visual elements. If you need to translate a booklet, brochure, flyer or any creative document requiring modification of design, layout and images, our DTP services will be of valuable assistance. Desktop publishing allows for an authentic version of a translation, focusing on how your content can remain consistent in areas of both design and language. This ensures material will be received appropriately by your target audience, in your chosen region.


Our specialist graphic designers work with the translated text using a variety of programmes such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. Our experts effectively modify text and layout to merge all elements together. Because we work at adapting material in over 150 languages, we also have specialists on board to modify non Latin based content such as Hebrew which reads from right to left.


At Language Reach, we understand that to deliver a correct and reliable translation, we have to take into account all elements of layout, design and language. The multilingual typesetting process befits the use of language beyond the Roman alphabet. For instance, the Russian language, Hindi or Arabic dialects read differently to a language such as English, Spanish or French and will require additional typesetting support.


Our committed team of specialists are on hand to successfully modify documents in over 150 dialects, effortlessly merging all areas of graphic design and translations. We work with highly qualified translators and graphic designers that excel in creating authentic, high quality translations.


We ensure all creative document commissioned reaches its audience as intended. This is because all projects enjoy full access to the full suite of Language Reach's translation services. We pride ourselves on facilitating effective communication between our clients and their target market, and with the assistance of our experts and our specialised desktop publishing service we’re confident that your material will prove powerful.


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