Is now the perfect time to grow online? |

Is now the perfect time to grow online?

Not too long ago, if a business owner said they will be able to trade and sell their products to almost every person in the world regardless of their location, they’ll be laughed at. Today, the idea rather than something to laugh about, is a reality. With the growth of internet and mobile devices, businesses find approaching consumers in every corner of the world easier than ever before, and they can do that without leaving their office.

According to a study, in 2015 over 75% of people in the United Kingdom always kept their mobile phones in close reach. This is a tremendous number and shows the true potential of influence mobile devices can have on business and future of retail.

Interestingly, the growth of internet and mobile devices is now slowing down in mature markets such as the U.S and UK. To react, business owners more regularly choose to target emerging markets such as South Africa or India, where the consumer potential is enormous with relatively low online competition.

Approaching these growing markets can be however extremely challenging. There is a number of factors which simply must be taken into account when entering a foreign country with your product or service.  From political or religious views to economic and social factors such as language can have a direct impact on your brand and whether it will succeed.  Pitney Bowes, an e-commerce specialist says that the ‘secret to a successful online business is making sure that you are speaking to your customers in their own language’.

In e-commerce and marketing, translating your material word for word simply isn’t good enough. Local nuances can play an important part in your company’s expansion. A great example of this can be the fact that in United Kingdom, people usually search for a ‘translation agency’ whereas in Germany – ‘Translation Bureau’. Due to this, your material apart from translation, also needs localisation.

We can help

In the last few years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients who require our translation and localisation services for business and marketing purposes. Whether it’s translation of a website or marketing collateral, working with us will ensure that your potential clients or business partners will know that you understand their language, culture and customs, taking time and putting effort into approaching them from an individual angle.

Whether it’s a website, proposal or any marketing material you need translated and localised, get in touch with us today for a free quote within 30 minutes!


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