3 reasons why translators DESERVE more credit! |

3 reasons why translators DESERVE more credit!

Translators are not always given the acknowledgement they deserve . And as simple as it may seem, translating is much more than simply changing words from one language and into another. A seasoned translator would in fact tell you that it’s a multifaceted job that requires skill, determination and patience. And while some may have a preconceived idea of a translator, we will prove why these stigmas are incorrect and instead show you why translators deserve more credit than they’re given.

The role of a translator is an important one because they act as the intermediary between cultures and countries. They also localise and adapt text, whether for marketing, for medical purpose, for business use or for any other reason, all with the aim of allowing you to understand text in your language. And because of this work, people in different regions have the capability to understand one another irrespective of where they are located.

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Highly skilled

Translators are very highly skilled individuals with numerous qualifications, showcasing that this industry isn’t one that anyone can simply work in. This also shows their hard efforts in meeting the specialised skills that are required of this industry. And let’s put it out there that being bilingual is just one aspect of being a translator, because solely knowing two languages doesn’t immediately suggest that a person will be the next best translator without additional skills and attributes. Translators are degree qualified, and are members of public bodies such as Chartered Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

And as well as possessing professional skills, translators are often very culturally knowledgeable. They are familiar with cultural differences and understand how to approach this when working on a translation. No company or business wants a translation that cant be locally adapted which is why translators are culturally aware of different norms and values, demonstrating that their roles go outside of just adapting words and phrases.

Time management skills

Translators are also very time oriented people because working to deadline is a vital element of the translation industry. Time management goes fittingly with this sector and a good translator is more than able to demonstrate this skill.

Attention to detail

Many people can agree, that translators are very good at spotting small mistakes in texts that the average person would perhaps over look. This is a skill which is very important and one which is crucial in being a translator, and furthermore a skill which is not easy to possess.

All of the above demonstrate the hard work that translators work with and the challenges that they are often under, but we at Language Reach appreciate all their hard work!