3 Tips to learn a new language |

3 Tips to learn a new language

Today we’ve decided to share some simple but effective tips to use when learning a new language. We understand that language learning requires dedication and effort, and we’re sure that every learner has tricks that work perfectly for them. But because we like to think that we know a thing or two about languages, we’ve decided to share some tips from our team here at Language Reach.

Get creative


Whoever said that learning can’t be fun, clearly overlooked some of the fun activities that students can partake in when learning a new language. You are already utilising creativity by stepping outside of your comfort zone by delving into a new language. Make this creative learning process even more fun and resourceful by using your new language skills to play a game, or perhaps to role play. If you are a learner who benefits from writing information, then try your hands at writing a story or a song. You may also want to get creative with your stationery by using colourful notepads, sticky notes, or pens. Other ways of getting creative also include drawing mind-maps, putting together a language brainstorm or bullet pointing information. Visual note taking will make this part of learning your new language more fun and memorable.

Listen, listen, and listen


Listening is a fantastic way to learn a new language, especially when it comes down to pronunciation. Different languages have different rules and what may be easily said in one language, can seem pretty impossible in another. Whether you listen to your new language on the radio or by watching a show on the television, making use of your listening skills is an effective way to learn. Listening in on a conversation between two people in the language you’re learning is a fantastic way to pick up on a few new pointers. You’ll be shocked to see just how much you will pick up from hearing a conversation between native speakers. It will open you up to pronunciations and tone which is very useful.

Study with someone


Finding a study partner is very effective, not only this, but it also gives you motivation to study with someone who has the same goals as you do. There may be something that you can learn from your study partner and vice versa. It also means that you will always have personal interaction with someone who you can get some feedback from. You don’t need to have someone with you in person, you can Skype or find a pen pal which works just as well.