Here are a few reasons why I love working as a translator |

Here are a few reasons why I love working as a translator

There may be some people who will look at this title and question what I love about my job. I imagine hearing the usual ‘isn’t your job repetitive? do you ever leave your house?’ Yes, these are negative stereotypes, and some more generalised than others. But despite these negative associations, I love working as a translator and can’t envision working in any other sector. I enjoy the challenges of being a translator and I additionally enjoy being in control of my working schedule.

We all start somewhere

We’re not born bilingual, this is something that takes time and dedication. I started learning French at a young age, and although it wasn’t something I chose for myself, I soon realised that I was interested in languages. French was my favourite subject in primary school and by the time I reached high school, I knew that French would be one of the subjects I would take as part of my GCSE’s.

Language learning isn’t for everyone, but I knew from the moment I began studying that my adult life would incorporate languages, whether through teaching or studying. Mind you, being a translator never crossed my mind until I started my degree at University.

Having the passion to be a translator

In any job, if you lack desire you will never be truly satisfied. We’ve all had a bad day, and I’ve found myself fighting to meet a deadline on more than one occasion. Although this isn’t the most ideal situation, being a passionate translator will make it all worthwhile.

You are your own boss

One of my favourite aspects of being a translator is working when it’s suitable to me. If there’s a project that I don’t see fitting for instance, then I have the option of saying no. There are however occasions where I am met with numerous tasks to complete and some days where my schedule can be rather quiet. Having an unpredictable schedule is possible, but if you are an established translator, work will always come to you, even if you find that you may have one or two days where your workflow isn’t as demanding.

Quick tip

One of the best ways to manage workflow is to create a diary. I use my diary as a guide to ensure that I stay on top of all my tasks. This type of management is simple and allows me to remain organised. One of my best organisational tips is to meet a deadline a day in advance.

Work from any location

You can be in any part of the world and still be at work. Your job can go with you on holiday, although this may not be ideal to everyone. I can take my job with me to the park or I can carry out my job in my office which requires no travelling, aside from going down a flight of stairs. Being able to work from any location is also friendlier on my pocket as it cuts costs for me such as spending money on commuting.