How versatile are translation agencies? |

How versatile are translation agencies?

Translation Agencies can offer your business more than just translations

In today’s globalising world, some of the fastest growing and top translation agencies in the United Kingdom offer their customers a wide range of language services in order to deliver high-quality results. Interpreting and translating are only two aspects of what language agencies can, and should, offer, and here at Language Reach we fully understand that. It is within the best interests of our clients that our agency provides a comprehensive range of language services.

The type of service you opt for depends on your needs and specific requirements, it is therefore essential to fully understand the different translation services we offer. This article walks you through the different options and explains how language & translation services differ and how each can be applied to your project.

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Expert translators

Translating and interpreting are not always just a simple matter of replacing words from one language to another and keeping their literal meaning. As a matter of fact, the majority of projects professional translators are tasked with involve much more complex issues than the translation alone.

For instance, in majority of cases, translations of marketing or advertorial materials require an in-depth understanding of cultural and social aspects of the target market. Legal translations require an understanding of the law in both the language of origin and the language documents are being translated to. Additionally, as more societies become multi-culturally diverse, the need for multilingual specialists in the medical and financial fields is often a necessity.

The demand for translation services in specialist fields means that a successful translation agency and a Language Translation Service Provider (LTSP) should have access to linguists who are not only native speakers of your target language, but who are additionally equipped with specialist skills and knowledge within your particular field, whether it’s marketing, law, finance or any other sector. As a customer, you should not expect anything less.

Localisation services

Globalisation and developments in technology have given organisations of all sizes the opportunity to reach a global audience, the onus is on brands to make the most of the unlimited opportunities. This involves communicating with the target audience in their native language.

Nonetheless, reaching out to a foreign audience often involves more than the literal translation of words. Frequently, it requires localising content so that your brand, products and services appeal to the potential customers and meet all of the cultural and social norms within the target market. Engaging audience includes tapping into the culture of a country including using traditions, images, colours and fonts that resonate with them. On the other hand, localisation also involves avoiding subjects which may be considered sensitive or offensive.

The key for any business to succeed within a foreign market lies in working with talented linguists who specialise in marketing translations. Native speakers not only understand the idioms, dialects and expressions of a language, but also understand the mind-set, purchasing habits and consumer behaviours of a specific nation or region.

Working with LSPs will ensure that your documents and materials are translated by native speakers of your target language who have a much better understanding of your chosen market and the consumer behaviours within. This can be vital when it comes to making a positive impact in the overseas territories that are unfamiliar with you and your brand.

There are many examples of large corporations which failed to understand the importance of localising their message and approaching markets with tailored campaigns, products and services and which were consequently faced with additional costs. Businesses that have to survive on small budgets simply cannot afford to make the same mistakes and taking advantage of localisation services ensures you avoid heavy financial losses.


Transcreation is another specialist talent in the field of marketing. It differs from ordinary translation and localisation services in the way the content is presented. Transcreation involves more than choosing the right words. The content must be expressed in a way that nuances and colloquialisms deliver an emotional impact and compels readers to take action.

The key principle in cross-market copywriting is to maintain the original intent of the marketing campaign whilst transferring the meaning of the new message in a way that appeals to the mindset of the target audience.

Desktop publishing (DTP)

Desktop publishing is a translation service that can often slip under the radar. We offer this service to customers that are publishing brochures, training packages and magazines whereby the layout of the content is critical.

Issues can arise with space when translating content from one language to another. It is often the case that the language the content is being translated to is either shorter or longer than the text in the original language. As a result, the entire design layout can be thrown into disarray. This typically causes in-house designer teams frustrating experiences that can be avoided.

A professional linguist with design skills can tweak the copy by either changing the font or image sizes, or even changing words and sentences so the content fits on the page without losing the message, the context or the emotional value. In other words, desktop publishing is a service that can save marketing departments a lot of time and expense.

Machine translations

Until recently, there was a degree of scepticism about machine translations (MT). And rightly so. The inaccuracies were glaringly obvious. However, since the emergence of artificial intelligence, the accuracy of MT has improved significantly. New technologies can translate thousands of documents with an accuracy rate of more than 90% – and in a fraction of the time it takes a qualified linguist to translate the same volume.

As a result, LTSP’s can offer customers a fast and effective service with high-quality results for prices that are significantly lower than they were in the past. First of all, we run documents through the translation machine then return them to you to cherry pick which documents you feel are most relevant. You then return them to use for a qualified linguist to deliver a translation that is 100% accurate.

MT is therefore a valuable commodity for law firms involved in the eDiscovery process and businesses that are in the process of merging or taking over companies on foreign shores. If you have a large volume of documents that require translation, take advantage of our machine translation services. The content is still double checked by professional editors and sub-editors in order to guarantee the quality you expect.

Interpreting equipment hire

Firms that are hosting an event or meetings aimed at a multi-lingual market may want to consider various types of interpreters; event translation services, simultaneous conference interpreters, consecutive interpreting, whispering interpreting or hosts that can speak in multiple languages.

However, if you need to cut down on costs, we also offer a range of interpreting equipment for hire together with delivery and set up. The type of equipment available includes interpreter booths, delegate headsets, conference microphones, transmission systems and technical engineers.