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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Football is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most internationally recognised and globalised business mechanisms in the world. Millions of fans in every corner of the globe watch great football events such as World cup or Champion League finals. Supporters pay close attention not only to the results, but also to the transfer markets where players move internationally changing their clubs and taking their fan base along. Consequently, one of the most important marketing strategies a Football Club simply must implement is to make itself available to fans in different countries, and this is where the sport translation services come into play.

A great example, and one of the things which translation of is nothing but essential, are websites. Nowadays, people around the world have internet access, and the very first website a dedicated football fan will visit is the club’s official page. From there they may wish to subscribe to news or promotions delivered to them via email, and therefore this platform will also need to be translated in order to achieve the maximum possible engagement.

An interesting fact is that football ‘touring’ recently became somewhat of a standard procedure prior to the start of the season, especially for the English Clubs, such as Arsenal, Manchester United or Chelsea FC. Visiting other countries not only allows the club to engage with their existing fans, but also to expand their supporter base, and reach new fans, who consequently, in one way or another become customers. One of the most popular destinations is Asia, which is perhaps culturally most distant and dissimilar from Europe. During the tour, the club must be able communicate its message in an accurate, localised manner, whether it’s through leaflets, billboards, radio or TV. A few years ago, Arsenal created a personalised, original message to its Chinese fans.



Football clubs not only need translation services in order to approach their customers (fans), but also on strictly business to business surface. As previously mentioned, football is an international business, in which legal documents, contracts, marketing deals or sponsorship agreements are necessary on day-to-day basis. A great number of those is completed between global partners. Translating these confident documents accurately and reliably is extremely important.

Language Reach is, or have in the past worked with some of the largest Football Clubs, helping them in the delivery of highly localised, precise messages in different forms such as websites or emails, directly to their fans around the world, and within the business to business environment by translating legal and marketing projects. We are proud to be regarded as specialists in providing sport translation services.